Thursday, July 28, 2005

what makes ministry?

I know that is not a great question, but it is one I have to ask myself. The question is not "what makes good ministry?" or "what makes effective ministry?". I think that this is a tough question to answer. Not because it is a deep question or a tricky question, but because it is a big question. I think the answer is fluctuating every day.

Some days ministry is getting up early so the rest of the dorm room can get 20 more minutes of sleep. Some days it is talking about a topic you know nothing about (because it is of interest to a student). It could be playing video games or chess.

Since it can be difficult to know what ministry is at all times, how can we decide when it is effective? Is it possible for someone not involved to know how effective a ministry is?

what makes ministry?

Monday, July 25, 2005


Two weeks ago I left on a trip with teenagers and my wife. We were headed for Savannah, GA for a Christ In Youth Conference. I was very excited about the trip and so were most of the others. What we didn't know was what would take place during the week.

One of the greatest events came on Tuesday night, one of the students got up and decided he wanted to give his life to Christ!! :) :) I got the privilege of baptizing him in the school's swimming pool. (almost got to baptize him in a fountain, maybe next time).

What a great feeling! On top of the baptism, 2 other youth decided they wanted to stop doing what they have been and begin again in the life for Christ. I got to meet a handful of great people, see some old friends and make new ones. Above all, the group changed for the better.

I think one of the great things about weeklong trips is that you get to drive home with a "new group". I am very blessed to have such a great group of teens to work with.

One more thing...
Though I was unable to be in the van to experience this, I have heard rumors and was able to hear a little over the walkie talkie... On the way home one of the teens talked for 48 minutes straight about Power Rangers. Nothing but Power Rangers for almost an hour - where else can you experience that sort of phenonenom.

Gotta love this job :)