Sunday, March 26, 2006

the "humor" of it all

Well, what a week I have had. Last weekend, we went for an interview to southern IL. We had a great trip and felt really good about the church and the people. We feel it could be a place we would love to serve. Then, when we got back on Monday we had a message from a church in KY wanting to talk about an opening. I called and talked (and have had a few more conversations during the week) to one of the elders about their position. Yesterday, he asked if we would be able to come up and visit. So, pending a final notice tomorrow, we are going to visit this weekend.

And I got an offer from another church. We are not sure if it is a place God has for us or not. So, now we really need to hear God's voice and trust in Him.

This is where the "humor" comes in. For nine months we trust God to lead us to the right congregation and now we have 3 good places (one for sure and we will know about the other 2 in less than two weeks). God sure does work in mysterious ways.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

joy in the daily tasks

Last night, God showed me the importance of finding joy in the little things. I went outside with Nathan to just spend some time together before dinner. While we were out there I started to talk with him about the moon, stars, clouds. Nothing unusual, I try to talk with him about all the things we experience throughout the day. Well, for some reason, he really was interested in the moon. He sat for at least 10 minutes just watching it. It wasn't doing much, mind you. When a cloud would roll in front and cover it up, he would say "uh oh" and turn to me like he wanted me to fix it. As I sat and watched him enthralled by the sky I couldn't help but be encouraged to remember all God has done for me. Everything we encounter was created by God.

I just wanted to pass on a reminder to enjoy the daily tasks of life, for it is in them we see God.

Friday, March 10, 2006

the journey treads on...

Well, I am coming up to my 9 month date for when I was asked to start looking for another ministry. It doesn't seem that long (it seems a lot longer).

A quick update...

Had a job interview last weekend. It went well. Supposed to be talking with the Sr. minister sometime in the next few days.

Have an interview next weekend. Praying for wisdom in both situations.

Sent in an application for an internship.