Thursday, July 19, 2007

Church Signs: Cheesy or just bad?

I've seen some pretty bad church signs. Recently I've seen two that are worthy of repeat:

"The best vitamin for a Christian - B1"
"TGIF - Tithes Go In First"

Have you seen any good church signs lately? I'd love to hear them.


  1. Oh man, bad church signs are a hobby horse of mine. Here are a couple I found near the church where I work:



    I also have actually seen a church sign that said, "turn or burn."

  2. So, I mean, with meaningful messages like that in your area, do you waste time teaching your youth? Why not just bring them to the signs and bask in their wisdom? Wish we had signs like that when I was a teen!

    I've just acquired some musical greeting cards that might save me a ton of time planning songs each week.

  3. Ben,
    I learned allot from those signs. I want ever forget those messages, so I can turn and not burn. (Awesome pics, the signs are always better when you can see them)

    I try to keep the youth away from those signs, cuz they start thinking my teaching is not that good compared to the signs.