Thursday, May 08, 2008

thoughts on an end to a ministry

Sunday it was announced that my current ministry is coming to a close.

Due to this, the last few weeks have been pretty tough for us. They haven't been tough because people have been mean or anything. They have been tough as we worked through this decision. There is never a good time to leave a ministry. There are always events and plans you want to see through to the end. There will always be students you are working with and mentoring. There will always be ideas you want to see become a reality.

All of those are true for me. The last few weeks have been emotionally draining, too. There seems to be little I can focus on. Even as I try to write this my mind is wondering.

We are in the process of looking for a new ministry. As we work through this time, all of your prayers are appreciated and cherished.


  1. Probably the most emotionally anguishing thing I've ever done was to tell some of my students I was going to be leaving for another ministry. I'll be praying for you...

  2. yeah, and as bad as telling is I think the follow up until you leave can be just as tough.