Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reformatting and what is important

The other day I did something I have never done before. I reformatted my SD card in my camera. We had just gotten a new digital camera and I was playing with some of its features, trying to get used to it.

The memory card that was in it was the same one we've been using, so it had some video and pictures on it already. I have not figured out how to get the videos from the camera to my iMac, so they were just staying on there until I figured something out. But on this night, I carelessly deleted them all - never to be seen again.

There was one video, in particular, that I really wanted to have. Now, all I have of that moment is my memory of it. The question for me is, is that enough?

I didn't lose any first pictures of our new daughter (she wasn't born yet) or the other boys. I didn't lose a video of anyone I can't get again. I did lose some cute pictures and some pretty funny video, but in the long run those don't mean much.

After I stopped beating myself up for carelessly deleting some good electronic memories, I came to a few conclusions...

1. Capturing memories on film or video is a great way to share moments.
2. If you don't enjoy the moments while they are happening, the picture means very little.
3. Every day you get to spend with a loved one is a gift from God.
4. You need to cherish each moment with your kids.
5. Life is bigger than a few deleted pictures.

Have you ever accidentally erased something from your camera or computer?

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