Monday, December 01, 2008

NYWC '08: Picture Tour

I did not take many pictures this year, I guess I was too busy enjoying the convention. The picture tour is in no way a complete picture of what a National Youth Workers Convention is like, but it'll give you a sense of what my week entailed.

Picture Tour highlights: 1. Zaxby's on the way down. 2. Some guy on a really tall bike I saw when I got into Nashville. 3. Youth workers starting to arrive at registration. 4. One of my fellow volunteers, Dan. 5. Stage being set up. 6. Heather and Karen doing some serious Resource Center work - getting stuff ready to bag the freebies. 7. Youth workers signing up for Compassion sponsorship. 8. Giving away the freebie bags before the 4th session. 9. Arena full of youth workers. 10. Zamboni Crossing (need I say more). 11. Crowder leading worship. 12. Starfield leading worship. 13/14. Doing my part to write one verse in the Bible Across America. 15. Mike Pilavachi sharing his version of some of Jesus' miracles. 16. Worshipers. 17. Working in the Resource Center. 18. Breakfast with the convention staff on Monday. 19/20. Adam doing his podcast thing. 21-23. Packing up the Resource Center and saying "goodbye" to other volunteers. 24. View from the elevator going down, marking a close to the convention.