Saturday, March 21, 2009

Learned from Twitter: week ending March 21, 2009

This was a rather full week of twitter information for me. Here is a sampling of what I learned this week.

1. ferggo (Greg Mefford) reminded me that last Saturday was more than just the day after Friday the 13th.
"Happy #piday

2. gavoweb (Gavin Richardson) posted a link that differs with the common belief that church attendence has increased thanks to the "recession"
"@mattcarlisle Contrary 2 recent reports that econ troubles have led to increased church attend, Pew says diff

3. DougFields (Doug Fields) asked for some advice on an upcoming book cover, and listened.
"You hated this book cover and the publisher listened. What do you think of this one? Thoughts?"
kentshaffer (Kent Shaffer) depressed me with this tweet, as I've passed both ages.
"Brain ability peaks at age 22 and mental powers begin to dwindle at age 27 -

5. BtotheEtotheN (Ben Boles) posted about a twitter cartoon.
"you've got to watch this twitter cartoon

6. dbeckner (Dennis Beckner) offered a bit of advice to users of twitter, via an article about what happens when you don't watch what you tweet.
"RT: Be careful what you tweet... Check out this guy's story: (via @JonathanTelles)

7. brockgill (Brock Gill) asks for immediate response from his fans at one of his shows. I wish I knew if this tweet helped the situation or not. Either way, I think its pretty cool that he would use Twitter to try to get help with it.
"If u hav already seen my show plz giv up ur seat. There is still a busload of people in parkinglot. This is nuts
Drpoulette (Dennis Poulette) provides a link to a free audio copy of Tribes.
"Free audio copy of Tribes by Seth Godin:"

What did you learn from Twitter this week?