Saturday, October 31, 2009

NYWC 09: Friday & Saturday

The convention is definitely underway.

A lot of great content being shared from speakers, teachers and fellow youth workers. This communication of ideas is what makes youth workers so great - we are not afraid to share what we know and learn from others who have been where we want to go.

This attitude is what makes Open Space a great addition to the National Youth Workers Convention.

Open Space was a great experience. For me, I stayed with a group who were talking about working in a small church. We talked about finances, reaching the community, ministering to students, staying relevant, connecting students to the older generation and a little more. It was a great collaboration of those struggling and those who have found success. We shared ideas, thought outloud and listened. It was a great use of my time.

For anyone going Atlanta in a few weeks - GO TO THE OPEN SPACE SATURDAY.

Check out the YS Blog for more thoughts on the Big Rooms.

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