Monday, February 18, 2008

Howcast: a collection of how-to videos

Check out Howcast.

What is it? Here is an explanation from the site:

Founded by veterans of Google and YouTube, Howcast brings together the personality of user-generated content with the quality of a professional video studio to create engaging, informative, and free how-to videos for consumers. It also offers emerging filmmakers an opportunity to gain experience, exposure, and income. With high quality, compelling video content, Howcast opens new opportunities for viewers, video producers, content distributors, and advertisers.
There is quite a variety of videos on this site. You can find anything from cars, first aid (might be handy for the youth worker), gardening, house, kids, pets, holidays, and so many more. Here is one example: How to decorate your locker.

Some of the videos you may not want your students to watch. Like "How to sneak out of your house after curfew." "How to fake being sick."

Others are fun, "How to clean your braces." "How to shave your face." "How to house train your dog."

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