Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Poll Results: What lesson material do you use?

It seems like readers of this blog are prone to writing their own curriculum. That is, according to the poll from last week.

Everyone who voted (all 3 of you) said you write your own material.

I'll assume that at times you also use/modify curriculum on some level. Or you might if you have others who do a share of the teaching.


  1. Yeah, I do both. I voted for 'Write My Own'. But there wasn't an option for both. For my Wednesday nights I write my own. For Sunday School, and LIFE groups, I use curriculum.

  2. I probably should have put a "I do both" option. Next time I try doing another poll like this one, I'll have to add that option.

    It is tough to write two lessons each week for an extended period of time