Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Catfights & game names

Over the years, I've heard the phrase catfight used mainly to refer to two females fighting. The other night, I found out what a real catfight is all about. About midnight, I was woken up by the dogs starting to bark at some cats meowing outside. I was able to keep the dogs from getting too loud, but the cats didn't seem to get any quieter. So I decided to get up and see what was going on. Turns out there were two cats fighting on the back porch. They were jumping, rolling and chasing each other. (or it was just one tormenting the other, I couldn't tell). Either way, I couldn't get them to move by just using my voice. I had to go get a broom to chase them off. It was weird to watch.

Made me glad I don't have cats.

On to something completely different...

Last night I was looking at this booklet of various games a certain game company had for sale. I was struck by some of the names and thought I would share:

  • "doodle dice: see what your dice can doodle" (looks like you try to have the dice 'draw' something)
  • "Pegs in the Park"
  • "Rock, Paper Scissors, the card game"
  • "Solitaire Frenzy"
  • "Over and Out: the fun just keeps adding up"
  • "Kazink!"
  • "The Game of chips"
  • "Shake Up"
  • "Takeaway"
  • "Respond!: can you respond in time?"
and my favorite
  • "How Tall Am I?: fun from head to toe!"

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