Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Book Review: Blue Like Play Dough by Tricia Goyer (blog tour)

(This post is a guest book review, authored by my wife. This review is for youth worker's wives and all of you female youth workers who are also mothers, or might be one day. You might even want to consider recommending this book to your women's ministry department or as possible small group material.)

As a mom, we all have moments when we feel overwhelmed and under qualified. During those times, there is a tendency to get caught in the situation, rather than seeing the bigger picture. And in our lack of seeing the bigger picture, we often miss what God intends for motherhood to be: a way unlike any other than he can shape and form us to be more like Jesus. It is the shaping that Tricia Goyer continues to come back to as she walks us through her experiences as a mom.

Through the pages of Blue Like Play Dough, I saw how Tricia's honesty, transparency, and maturity helped me to see more of what God has already done in my life. Things I had never identified as being part of the shaping process stirred in my heart as I read Tricia's experiences of being shaped herself. Her challenge is clear. God does not have big plans for you on the other side of your children's high school graduation, once you have time for him to shape you. No, it is in the midst of the spit up, homework, sleepovers, and sleepless nights that he is already molding us. This book has helped me to catch those nudges, those moments where my Father is transforming me in and through this adventure of being a mom.

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