Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Book Review: God's Little Princess Devotional Bible by Sheila Walsh

(This review is for all of you youth workers who have little girls at home. Or for anyone who works with children and might need a resource of ideas or a gift to give to parents)

As my daughter is getting ready to turn one, I am really starting to think about what resources are available to help me as a parent. I think I know what the boys need a lot better than I know what my little girl needs. So, when I saw God's Little Princess Devotional Bible, I was quick to pick it up. This devotional Bible is geared toward girls age 4-7 and I would say Walsh has done a good job writing for that age group. The Scriptures are taken from the International Children's bible, which means they are written so that little girls will understand the verses.

Along with the Scripture, this devotional Bible contains several other features. Everything from Scripture memory, tips on being beautiful on the inside, profiles of women in the Bible, Scripture promises, skits, songs to sing, teaching manners and values. Each feature is full of fun activities and questions to help your little princess grow. If you are looking for something to help you and your daughter spend time in the Bible together, God's Little Princess Devotional Bible will be a huge help.

There is only one problem I have with this book: the almost complete absence of dads within its pages. There are only four mentions of "dad" throughout the book, all in the combination of "mom and dad." (p. 213, 215, 284, 336) A few other times, parents are mentioned. But every other time there is a reference to a parent, it is always mom. And I understand the need for daughters to spend time with their mothers and the fact that during the day mothers are more likely to be home, but let's not neglect dads. If there was a mention at the beginning of the book stating it was going to focus on the mother/daughter relationship, then I would be fine with it. If you are a dad like me and want to use this devotional with your daughter, then you will need to adjust some of the wording.

My advice (rating) – go out and buy it (3.5 out of 5)

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