Thursday, August 06, 2009

Book Review: Simply Christian by N.T. Wright

In Simply Christian, N.T. Wright sets out to help us understand why Christianity makes sense. In all honesty, I did not need to read this book to understand why Christianity makes sense, because I already thought it did. So, as I read, I tried to read it from a new perspective - as someone who was looking for answers to some of life's greatest questions. And I think I found some really good answers within these pages.

As I read through the book, I was pleased to discover that Wright is not trying to belittle any reader. He writes with passion and clarity, but never with arrogance. In the beginning of the book, Wrights talks about this echo of a voice we hear. He then spends the remainder of the book helping the reader discover who the voice belongs to: God. Our longing for justice, beauty and relationships are all indicators that we want the same things God wants - and Christianity is the one logical explanation for answering these longings.

Unless you are N.T. Wright (and if you are, thanks for reading this review), you will find yourself questioning and arguing with some of the contents of Simply Christian. As you are disagreeing, you will be challenged to dig into the Scriptures for more evidence, because Wright does not just offer his own ideas - he uses Scripture to support what is written. Whether you are using this book for your own personal growth or for helping a friend understand Christianity better, you will want to keep this in mind: "Faith can't be forced, but unfaith can be challenged."

I highly recommend Simply Christian to anyone looking to deepen their faith in God. Because when you close the last page of this book, you will have a deeper understanding of Christianity and why it makes sense.

My advice (rating) – buy more than one and give out copies (5 out of 5)


  1. You could take your own advice adn send me - a struggling seeker on a spiritual quest - a copy.

    I built the wife some shelves and we're collecting books to fill them and make us look smart and intelligent.

    I mean.....

  2. Adam, you wouldn't want my copy. Its all marked in and if anyone saw it they would assume you've actually read the book and start asking questions. :)

    (next time we get together for lunch, I promise I'll bring you some books to add to the shelf.)

  3. Thanks for the review. I'll read the book on this recommendation.

  4. I hope you gain as much from it as I did.

  5. Thanks for the review! I have had this book on my "Want" list for a while, but will now move it up a few places on the list.

    Have you read any other books by Wright?

  6. Brandon, I've read a few of his commentaries and such. The book I really want to read, but haven't is "the cross" (I think that's the right title)