Monday, December 14, 2009

Best of '09: Music

The year 2009 A.D. is almost over. The past 12 months have brought with them many new things; some good, some bad, and some not worth mentioning. I would like to take some time and highlight some of my favorite parts of 2009. I will call this list the "best of '09" - which simply means that, in my opinion, these are the best items in a certain category. I fully expect you to disagree with some of my choices or to be upset I did not add other items to the list. If you feel this way, please add your "best of '09" ideas in the comments.

The first list will be music. These are the best albums I heard this year, for the first time. They may not all be new in 2009, but this was the first time the songs have reached my ears. This list is in no particular order, and will not include a long explanation of why. I am not going to attempt to persuade you of each album's greatness, you'll just have to listen to it yourself.

Brandon Heath "Don't Get Comfortable" - Last year at the NYWC, in Nashville, I got to hear a little of Brandon's music. But I got to hear a lot of people speak very highly of it, so when I got the chance I picked up his first album. It has been one of my favorites all year. I am wanting to pick up his new stuff, but just haven't gotten around to it. (I know, I'm a little behind on this one)

Tenth Avenue North "Over and Underneath" - I got this CD from John at Lifeway, well I won it for taking a picture of my next to a tenth ave. street sign. But since my town only has up to 8th st. I got to take two 5th street pictures. I have really enjoyed this music. If you haven't heard them yet, you need to. (and here is a pdf of a $3 off coupon good until March 31, 2010)

Kutless "It Is Well: A Worship Album" - I picked up this album without ever hearing anything from it, because their first worship album "Strong Tower" has been one of my favorite albums over the last few years. I think Kutless does a fantastic job taking worship music and making it their own. I have really enjoyed this album, it has been a great source of encouragement.

Francesca Battistelli "My Paper Heart" - This album was picked up because I was looking to get something for my wife. A student had told me this was a great album and I needed to listen to it. So I picked up the CD. I'm glad I did. My wife really likes her sound and has listened to the CD repeatedly. And, I have to admit that I think its a really good collection of music.

Mat Kearney "City of Black and White" - This CD was recommended to me shortly after its release. I have enjoyed his first album for the past few years and was in need of some new music from Mr. Kearney. I am glad I picked this album up, it has not disappointed.

You will notice there are some "big" absences to this list (even for the "Christian" music industry). I have not heard any of Tomlin's new stuff, nor Crowder's, nor Owl City, nor any of a number of great music out there. I am not saying its not good music, but as I have not listened to it all, I can make no comment of it being the Best of '09. I would love to hear what music you would add to this list...

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  1. For me 2009 was one of the great music years of my life. I got to see U2 in concert and had front row seats. U2's new CD "No Line Over The Horizon" came out this year and is a great mixture of old and new sounds, thoughtful and inspiring lyrics. I agree with you that it was time for Mat Kearney to put out some new music. At first I didn't really like "City of Black and White" It sounded to produced and refined, which was the opposite of Bullet & Nothing Left To Loose. But the new CD has really grown of me and have found that it really speaks to me in my current situation. Surprisingly, I really like the Owl City CD "Ocean Eyes". I've never been much of a techno fan but the his music has really grown on me. Matt Thiessen help produce the CD and write some of the songs. The CD is full of one line quips and interesting layers of sounds.