Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jaroo.com: Hulu for kids

My kids like to watch Noonbory and the Super 7 and Busytown Mysteries on Sunday morning. Both shows are part of "Cookie Jar TV." Well, on Sunday I saw a new ad for Jaroo.com which peaked my interest.

Jaroo (tagline: always something on) is still in beta, so its not expected to be without some needed changes. But I think it could be a great site for kids and families with little kids. Basically it seems to be Hulu.com for kids. As it is still in beta form, there are only a limited number of shows available. But honestly, the list is rather full of great "classic" kids shows and some good newer shows, too.

A few shows that my family would watch include:

A Miss Mallard Mystery
Animal Crackers
Inspector Gadget
Sonic Underground
Strawberry Shortcake
Super Mario Bros
Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad - never seen it but the name sounds cool
The Legend of Zelda

See the full list here.

Like Hulu, it appears that new shows will be added later and episodes will only be online for a limited number of weeks. They have a schedule to show you what new episodes will be added in the coming weeks. Overall, I think this could be a great site to watch some cartoons online. Take a look and see if there is anything you remember from your childhood or anything your kids would like to watch. Plus, its free.

I'd love to hear what you think.

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