Monday, March 15, 2010

"Minute to Win It" - youth ministry game resource

Over the last few weeks, I have watched previews for NBC's new shows. One show in particular caught my attention (and the attention of the rest of the youth ministry world) "Minute to Win It." Basically, contestants have one minute to complete a game using simple household items. If they complete ten games, then they win 1 million dollars. As I watched the commercials, I kept seeing games I have played with my youth groups. One is the "shrinking grocery bag" game (where the bag keeps getting shorter and shorter and you have to pick it up with your teeth.) I like the single player version better than the way I played. At a 30 Hour Famine we played where you went around a circle and everyone tried to pick it up. My version is not nearly as sanitary as the games version.

If you have not heard of "Minute to Win It" you need to check it out. It's on Sunday nights at 7 central. You also need to check out the website for the game. Up until a few days ago, I knew about the game, but I had not realized that the show's website would be a great help to youth workers until I read Youth Ministry Geek's post. You need to go check out the game vault and use a game or two.

Before I hit "publish" I feel I need to offer this word of warning to youth workers everywhere. Please do not saturate the youth ministry world with an abundance of "Minute to Win It" games or retreats or evangelism events. These games will be a great addition to your events, but DO NOT overdue it. I saw it happen with youth ministry versions of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" (and many other pop culture things) and students get tired of it.

Remember that moderation is a good thing.

One last comment (question). I know there will be a t-shirt soon based on "Minute to Win It," but I just can't figure out what it will say. Do you have any thoughts?


  1. I have a game graphic for Minute to Win it Games and am building one for each game. You can use the graphic in programming. Check it out

  2. Agreed, it's an awesome resource. We used the "cookie face" stunt as an attention-grabber. Some of the kids like it so much they took it home and forced their younger (or sometimes older) siblings to compete with them.

    But also agreed, these are best for focus grabbers and flow changers, maybe a Minute to Win It night. They're kind of like snacks & don't make a whole meal.

  3. Check out Minute to Win it from now on on Tuesdays and new episodes every Wednesday at * o’clock to see who can win it in a minute —– check out the twins Becky and Jessie O’Donohue as they try to win a million dollars tomorrow night.

    Tune in to our new episode Wednesday night in which people compete using only office supplies and get great ideas for office sports and fun in the workplace or your youth group.

    Glad you guys are making good use of the show!