Saturday, March 06, 2010

to quote someone else: Student Discipleship (Mike Yaconelli)

"Most of all, love them. Believe in them. Trust them. Be an example for them. Stick with them over the long haul. And some day, when they're older, when they've weathered a few storms, when they've been beaten up by life a bit, they may actually start looking like a disciple - not because you discipled them, but because you refused to give up on them."

taken from Getting Fired for the Glory of God by Mike Yaconelli

Youth workers need to be reminded that youth ministry (and discipleship) is not a sprint. Remember that Jesus spent 3 years with His disciples, and they still did not get until after He left.

Do not give up!
Do not feel defeated!
Keep going!
Stick with your students!

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