Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons Movie

For Simpsons fans, the long wait is finally over. The movie version has been made. And it seemed a little anti-climatic.

There were unexpected hilarious moments throughout the movie. On the other hand, there were a lot of moments that just did not seem to fit. For the longtime fan, the movie has some treats (like the ambulance smashed against the tree by the Springfield Gorge, from the episode Bart, the Daredevil). Not the mention all the characters that make appearances; some getting more airtime than almost the entire run of the show.

The movie is not solely based on having a working knowledge of The Simpsons, though. You do not need to know the episode numbers or the character names to enjoy this movie version. It can stand alone - and I think it does a great job of doing just that. As a minister, I think there are some great discussion starters throughout.

Here are a few of the discussion starters...

- the way the Simpsons stick together, as a family
- Bart's desire for a "better" dad
- Homer and Marge's marriage
- Can you really be completely seperated from the world?
- putting other's first
- "visions"

I would not say The Simpsons Movie is for everyone. But I do know that most of the students in your ministry have probably seen it. I know a lot of students in my ministry have seen it, and I didn't know most of them even watched the show.

Dec. 18 release of the movie on DVD


  1. Uh oh, you posted about The Simpsons Movie! Be prepared for lots of judgmental flames. Did you see what happened on my blog when I wrote about the movie on opening day? Whew! That was rough.

  2. I did see your comment section. :*( I felt bad and by the time I was able to get on and post something it had already become a two-sided "discussion". I've posted on the Simpsons before without much, if any, commenting. We'll see what happens.

    (I was a little disappointed in the Movie, not what I expected it to be)