Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What month are we in?

Last Tuesday, my family went shopping. For the most part it was a normal day - except for two things. First off, neither of the boys fell asleep during the whole trip until around dinner time. Second, our trip to Macy's.

We normally do not go into Macy's (I can't remember the last time I have been inside one). Anyway, Amy was looking for some jeans, so we thought we'd try Macy's. Being the good dad I am :) I took the boys so Amy could look at jeans without being distracted. My first mistake was in thinking Macy's had a toy section - they DO NOT! But while walking around upstairs, I did discover something I wasn't ready for: Christmas decorations.

They are already putting out Christmas decorations. I thought we used to have to wait until at least November, after Halloween. I can see even October, but the first week in September. Wow!

No, I didn't go look at them. I don't buy Christmas decorations until after Christmas when they are over 50% off. I am a youth minister, remember.

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