Saturday, August 23, 2008

A few posts worth reading

Recently, there have been a few posts that I have read which caught my attention. Maybe it made me think, or laugh, or just said something I thought needed to be said. I thought I would share some of these posts with you.

5 posts worth reading:
1. Kent shares some results about How kids live in 2008 - a good read for anyone in youth ministry.

2. Listed under the "are you serious?" label, Jonathan shares with us what the good people at Disney didn't realize was going to be an issue. High School Musical product pulled from shelves

3. Despite the fact that Ben links back to my blog, I think this post is a great read. Ben shares his reasons for not blogging so much lately. Are you playing the "game?"

4. Dennis shares 25 characteristics of a successful youth ministry. Read the list and see what you think. How does your youth ministry compare?

5. Mike wonders how we can get a Josiah Generation among our students. Some really good thoughts for youth workers.



  1. Mike,

    These are some great articles, thanks for sharing them. Really appreciate the series of posts on successful youth ministries that you helped out on. I copied the 25 characteristics and have been looking over them and think about them as I hopefully will be entering a new season of ministry soon.

  2. @Ben Thanks. I'm glad you not only enjoyed the articles, but they are/will be helpful in your ministry. I really liked Sara's article on success. Praying for the transition and new ministry.