Thursday, August 28, 2008

Youth Ministry Blogs Worth Reading

Last week, I wrote about some aspects I look for in a good youth ministry blog. I said I would share a few blogs I thought were worth a follow, so here are a handful...
Shore Youth

Before you get mad, I know that is six and a hand only has 5 fingers. You're just jealous because I can fit six blogs in my hand and you can only get five.

I tried to pick a few that showed aspects of each of the 9 signs I wrote about. Together, these blogs do a good job at being good examples of what makes a good youth ministry blog. I also tried to pick some I thought you might not know about. Are there other great ym blogs, you bet. And you can bet you'll see them show up in my series of posts reviewing youth ministry blogs.

Feel free to add a blog you would like to be reviewed. Just leave a comment and I'll add it to the list.

Until then, Enjoy what these youth workers have to say.


  1. Thanks for including us on your list. Looking forward to checking out and (that's a great name for a blog)

  2. Thanks for the link love, and enjoy the book!

  3. @drpoulette I think you'll like both blogs. I have one problem with coffee with Chris - I don't drink coffee. :)

    @brandon thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights on youth ministry through your blog

  4. Out of the blog world for a few days. Thanks for thinking of me as a good youth ministry blog. I hope to do more YM blogging here in the future.