Thursday, June 11, 2009

Customer Service: The Extra Mile

Small town life has its advantages!

Recently I had to get the oil changed in both of our vehicles. This would normally take two separate visits to the mechanic and require a good portion of the day - if not the entire day. I do not like spending my day waiting at the mechanic or driving back and forth.

But I have to say, this particular occasion was one of the best interactions with a mechanic ever.

I called the same mechanic we've been using for all of our mechanic needs; oil changes, tune-ups, repairs. We really like him and he has always treated us well. I called late in the morning, hoping to take one of the cars around lunch and then get the other one done before he closed. When he called back I was outside starting to work on cutting the grass. (and here is where the customer service goes beyond good...)

My wife comes outside and says the mechanic is going to drive over to the house and pick up one car. Then change the oil and drive it back to pick up the other car. Then he'll change its oil and drive it back and take his truck back to the shop. That is above and beyond customer service, right there.

I cut the grass and never had to take a car to the mechanic, yet both of them got the oil changes they needed. Again, he came through with good prices, quality work and great customer service. This is why we keep going back to him whenever we need some work done on our cars. He went the extra mile (literally, because its less than a mile from our house to the shop) to get our business and take care of us as customers.

When was the last time you (or your youth ministry) went the extra mile to serve the students/parents/other ministries in the church? What would it take for you to go the extra mile? What kind of impact would it make?

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