Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Poll: Favorite Amusement/Theme Park

This week seems to be "Amusement Park Week" on this blog, so I added a poll on the topic.

What is your favorite amusement/theme park?

  • Cedar Point
  • Six Flags
  • Holiday World
  • Coney Island
  • Kings Island
  • Knotts Berry Farm
  • Disney
  • None of these
If you answer "none of these" on the poll, please leave your answer as a comment on this post. I'd love to hear the reasons you like your park, too. Is it clean, close location, cheaper, great rides, awesome water park, amazing shows.


  1. Is it bad that I have only heard of half of these parks?

    There is an amusement park 3 blocks from where I live called Wonderland Pier. It is right on the beach in Ocean City. While the rides cater to a younger crowd (i.e. elementary students), the park is family friendly and a great time.

  2. a few are local (midwestern) parks. It might have been good for me to add their locations to the list, but alas I didn't.

    If I'm ever near Ocean city, I'll have to check it out.