Thursday, August 17, 2006

minor frustrations

I need to transition slowly. I have to not come in and change everything. I can't fix the problems I see overnight. I shouldn't push my thoughts and ideas onto the people who have been overseeing this ministry for the past few years.

All this I know. But lately it has been tough.

For example, I had a conversation with the youth leaders about changing some things up for our PM classes. We are going to change some things (like keeping points for doing certain things and getting prizes for accumulating a certain point amount). But then the other night at a meeting for our teachers, it was brought up about doing the memory verses just like we always have. this would mean that the children's minister would pick a verse for all ages and the older kids would get a longer version... The verse will have nothing to do with what we are studying and probably not much relevance to their life. So, why would they want to memorize it? They didn't even flinch at the fact that this person was no longer overseeing the jr./sr. high - that I am. But alas is it a battle I want to fight right now? I don't think so. There are far greater things I want to implement. Like having a scope/sequence for what we teach (instead of just coming up with a lesson every week or using the Serendipity Bible if you don't have one ready.) And instituting monthly meetings. These are, in my opinion, far greater to be fighting for. The other more minor issues will and can be worked out later.

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