Monday, August 28, 2006

Youth Kickoff

Last night was our youth kickoff for this year. (Though the youth meetings don't start back up til the 10th)

We had a good time. Planned on doing some swimming and scavenger hunting, but all week it looked like impending rain. How uneasy it is to have a plan B that doesn't cost any money (since our plan A, mentioned earlier, didn't cost anything). It rained during church and a little during the day, but not enough to stop the kickoff (praise God!). This was the first kickoff I've done where we split the jr. high and high school up for part of it. One group went to one house and the other to someone else's house. Then after eating and swimming, we came together at a third location for worship and smores. The teen actually enjoyed the scavenger hunt (I was a little surprised at this). They had to find ingrediants for their pizzas. Whatever they found, they could use - including plates and drinks. Some groups hit jackpots (one got homemade pizza sauce and oreos) and some just got the basics. It was a little tough to see that a few houses got hit by 6 or all 7 groups. Meaning they were asked 7 times if they had any shredded cheese or plates.

Overall the night went well. It was nice to be there and have a part, but not be the "go to" guy. The youth ministry team leaders were the "go to" people and that freed me up to spend more time with the youth and build relationships. Only a few snags in the night. One involved bathing suits on girls (at the other house I wasn't at) and one involved not having driving directions. We were on our way back from the final destination and I was supposed to be following the other church van (b/c I had no - and I mean NO - idea where I was). Well, let's just say everyone else had gone home by time we got back to church. We were not even out of the driveway and the other van was already what seemed like a mile down the road. This is out in the country, with no street lights. Well, we lost them and had to "find our own way." We got back safely, but a little frasseled.

A little different, but I think it is part of the memory making moments we want to provide the youth, right?

One other good note - I got the "go ahead" for a new computer. Though, I still don't know what that means. Do I go and get the one I want (knowing I will want something that will last a few years) or do I go and get the one I can get by with? I'm going to try for the "one I want" as long as I have justification for its use.

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