Monday, August 21, 2006


Yesterday I got to preach. It was the second time I've preached here. The first one was the "trial sermon", so this was the first official sermon as a hired staff.

I was nervous. Not sure if it was actually nervousness or if it was a yearning to preach and say what God was laying on my heart. Either way, it caused me to work to make sure I did the best job I could.

I tried a new format for me. I tried to use less notes (going for none). I tried to be more personal and approachable as a preacher.

From what I heard, people seemed to feel they needed to hear the message. God used the words to affect people. Now, my prayer is that they take it to heart and do it. :)

I'm not ready to preach again just yet - still no desire to do it every week. But I feel God has given me the ability to present a message and make it understandable.

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