Monday, September 25, 2006

Promise Keepers

This year's promise keepers was a lot different than last year. Last year when I went I knew I was going to be leaving my church, but hadn't told the congregation yet. We had just a handful of men on that trip and one of them was an elder. So it was an awkward trip to say the least. This year I am at a new ministry and a whole lot better environment for me.

I think, though, that this difference took away from what I took away. Last year I remember taking a lot of "nuggets of truth" from the messages. This year I didn't get as much, if much at all, from the messages. This year I was able to really build on some relationships and get to know some men better (and for the first time). So I am glad I went.

I just thought it was interesting the difference a year makes.

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