Friday, September 01, 2006


Tonight is the first home football game of the season. My family is planning on going to the game (hoping my 10 month and 2 year old enjoy it). I expect to see a lot of people I know and hopefully meet a bunch of new people (and remember who they are later).

Today, I went to the school during the first lunch period. For some reason I usually feel awkward going to a high school lunch. Today was no different. None of the youth knew I was coming and so the first question was "What are you doing here?" I still have not figured out if that was a bad or neutral question. It was really good to get to see them and hang out with them for a bit. I got to meet a few new students, hopefully I'll remember them next time. Since it is a small town here, it will be fairly easy to go to the school and visit.

Very little interaction with anyone else on staff today. So, its been very quiet. Just the way I don't like it.

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