Wednesday, October 25, 2006

no talk

Earlier I commented on a recent interaction b/w a Sunday School teacher and myself. Well, all last week this person was at the church helping to prepare for a wedding. Not a single time did this person come to my office, directly across the hall from where they were, or stop me to talk about hte situation.

Knowing this person and how confrontational they are, I'm not sure what to think. Was it really nothing, since the elders were not immediately on their side? Was it nothing when they heard what I had really said? Or was it really just a little fit? Or should I still wait for a confrontation?

I don't think it will come. But we'll see what happens this Sunday when the student is back and see what class they go to. I have not been able to get together to talk with this student about the situation yet (was even mostly avoided by this student at a fifth quarter this past Friday).

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