Friday, March 07, 2008

Grand Canyon is 17 million years old?

That is what this new research is saying. Interesting read, especially since I was just at the Creation Museum on Wednesday - and they have a whole section on the Grand Canyon.

Apparently new "research" is saying that one side of the canyon is 11m years older than people have thought. Not to even start that discussion...

Here is part of the article:

The findings: The western side of what is now the Grand Canyon started forming about 17 million years ago, and that initial erosion was fairly slow and steady — a couple of inches every thousand years.

The canyon formed not just downward and westward but it opened steadily to the east, too, through what geologists call "headward erosion," the team reports — until the western side cut through enough rock to meet water on the eastern side, around 5 to 6 million years ago.

and this:
While geologists point to some questions in the new research, overall it does fit with various theories about how the Grand Canyon formed, said Rebecca Fowler of the University of Colorado, Boulder, who also studies the Grand Canyon.

You might want to use this new study in a lesson on creation.


  1. It boggles me how scientists can make all these wild predictions, like how something was created over millions of years, with little or no proof. I feel like it takes a ton more faith (faith in scientists' guesses) to believe in that than say believe in a Creator.

  2. yeah. and being off by 11 million years is a lot. That is such a slow erosion, which at some point apparently sped up to what they thought previously.