Monday, March 31, 2008

Teens & Swearing

I recently came across this article on teens cussing and just got to reading it today. It all seems about right, based on what I've noticed when at school and just around town.

Timothy Jay, author of two books on teens and swearing, "estimates that the average adolescent uses roughly 80 to 90 swear words a day."

The article goes on to say that teens are losing the ability to adjust their language to their audience. Saying the same words around parents, teachers, at church as they do around their friends. I haven't noticed too much of this going on at youth events. But I have noticed it while around students at school. Some of them do not try to "adjust" their language based on the fact that I (a youth minister) am around.

When it becomes an issue at an event, I like to talk to the person quietly and just ask that they respect everyone and not use that language. In our community, most of the teens understand the standing of the church on cussing and have enough respect to not use swear words.

Do you notice this at your events? How do you handle it when a student continues to use foul language during a church sponsored event?

I'll leave you with this quote, that really stuck out to me...

The solution, says Jay, is for parents to teach the etiquette of swearing.
I didn't realize there was an etiquette to swearing.

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