Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Book Review: Fearless by Max Lucado

(This review of Fearless is written by my wife. She captures the essence of the book and applies it to our life at the moment. First, read her review and then think about whether or not you need to read Lucado's book. Sidenote: the book comes with study questions in the back, making it an easy choice for a small group study)

As a young child fears are easily identified. They lurk under beds, in dark closets, within scary movies. As I have become an adult those fears of my childhood have been mostly dismissed and replaced with new, less defined fears. These fears seem to be found in the uncontrolled, unpredictable, ever-changing details of what lies ahead. In Max Lucado's book Fearless I have begun to grasp the need to both identify and put to rest the fears in my life concerning that which I cannot control. I have gained courage not only from Lucado's perspective and insight on how to overcome fears but even more so from the examples of Scripture that he highlights. Through using various "have no fear" statements made by Jesus, Lucado touches on the main areas that we find fear in: the future, our economic status, our children's safety, and not mattering to others to name a few.

When I thought through the fears discussed in the book, I realized two things: there are things I could/should fear that I have never even considered. And secondly, I have no need to fear anything but God. These two rather opposite realizations have made a difference in my thought life, especially in light of the current situation in which my husband and I find ourselves. He is currently looking for a full time ministry position, and has been for around 15 months. Reasons for fears to take over my mind and soul? They are abundant. And although they are abundant, I now see more reasons that they are unnecessary. Every reason to allow fears to grow can be answered confidently with the call of Christ, "Do not be afraid." I believe we all have much to gain from listening to the voice of Jesus over our fears.

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