Friday, June 29, 2007

ArkAlmighty: Random Acts of Kindness

Tomorrow is our Community Service Day. In connection with ArkAlmighty, we're having an "Evan Free Day." Our goal is to serve the community and let people know about our desire to help them fulfill their needs.

Pending weather & amount of help, we will be:
- doing yard work
- washing cars
- randomly paying people's bills at stores around town (ie. McDonald's, Dollar General, the gas station - that's about all we have here)
- handing out water and popsicles at the park, ball fields & pool
- picking up trash around town
- anything else we might think of
- and asking everyone if they have a need we can try to help them take care of

I'm pretty excited about it. Though I'm nervous, too. I don't know what kind of turnout we'll have. But I know whatever we do, it will be more than we usually do and therefore a great step toward impacting our community.

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