Tuesday, June 26, 2007

funeral for 18 month old

Today, I went to a graveside service for a little boy who was only 18 months old when he died last Friday. I didn't know the boy or his family. But the lady who babysat for him is a good friend of our family (and a member of our church). Its been a long time since I've been to a funeral for a little child, and it wasn't any easier today.

One thing that just kept hitting me during the service was that this little boy was less than 2 months younger than my little boy. Wow - kinda puts stuff in perspective. It was even harder since Amy and the boys are gone this week visiting family.

Life is precious.
Every day we get is a gift.
Love your family.
Spend time with your family.

God gives us something special every day and it is easy to just let that fly right by without much notice.

Take time today to tell your family how much you love them. Spend time with your spouse. Spend time with your children. Make the most of each moment you have.

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