Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Office: Season 3 DVD

Season 3 hits the shelves on Sept. 4. I'm sure it will be full of great extras, as they have done the first 2 seasons.

Here is a list of the extras, as found on

It seems like all the stuff from will be on there, as well as the little videos from the show. The big thing I'm waiting for is to see how they edited each of the episodes. Did they add the deleted scenes into the show to view all at once? Will we get the "producer's cut" version of the longer episodes? There is so much they can do with this DVD release. Maybe their throw in a free bobblehead or something in a "special pack."

(DVD cover taken from


  1. The Office is the best thing to come on TV in a long time. Well, since Seinfeld.