Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Job Search Tips: Do you really want the job?

Everybody wants a job. No, let me rephrase that. Everybody wants to have an income which comes from having a job. But what job do we want?

Allow me to share 2 quick tips on job hunting. Both of these tips deal with showing your potential employer that you really want to have the job they are offering.

1. Dress appropriately (for the job).
Do not show up for an interview in cut off shorts and flip-flops. That is only acceptable if the boss wears that to work. If you are applying for an office job, wear something better than you would on an average day in the office. If you are applying to be the bat boy for the Cubs, you don't need to dress in a suit.

2. Pick a job that is right for you.
Apply for a job in a field you are interested and capable in. You will not do well in a computer design job if you do not like computers. You will not last in a ministry job if you do not like people. Do not just apply to a job because it pays well or its in your area - make sure you really want to work there. Remember, hopefully you will be spending many years in this job.

I will give you two real-life examples to help show my point. A friend told me they knew a guy who wore a sleeveless shirt, cutoff jeans and flip flops when applying to work in a factory type job. I know of another person who applied to work in a lumber yard, but they were allergic to wood. It just doesn't fit.


  1. Hey, Mike!

    For interviews, I always try to follow the "one step above" rule. If it's a t-shirt and jeans place, wear a polo and Dockers. If it's a business casual place, wear a suit. If it's a suit and tie place, wear a tux. If it's a tux place, wear a ball gown.


  2. yeah, I've done the one step rule before. One problem with youth workers using that rule, though. Most do not have a suit :)

    I'd like to be there when you interview in the ball gown. Please let me know, so I can make arrangements and have the camera ready.