Saturday, June 07, 2008

New Poll: Summer Vacation

The last poll was about your day off during the summer. This time, I'm curious as to how you handle vacation during the summer. The summer is a very full part of a youth workers year. And this can make it difficult to take a vacation (even a small one).

When do you take summer vacation?
- I don't
- before summer starts
- in the middle of summer
- after summer is over
- a few days here, a few days there

In the past, I've taken my vacation sometime in the middle of the summer. It has to be an off week, as to not miss a big event. But this has helped me not be completely drained when the summer months are over.

What are you thoughts? What are the advantages to taking a vacation before, after or during summer?


  1. Our ministry is only open during the summer, so my "summer" vacation is really the winter. My summers are filled with 70 hour weeks

  2. so you get a really "good" vacation when all is said and done :)

    do you get weekends off during the summer, at least?