Friday, December 01, 2006

back into the 21st century

Yesterday I made a call to the phone company. Since our move up here to IL, we have not had a home phone. We have been using our cell phones for everything. We have decided we could manage this for a while, except for one minor detail. We want to have internet at our house and would like to have a higher speed than dial-up. Therefore we have to have a phone line to do it. (I know you might disagree with this, but remember I live in a small town and we just barely have dsl :)) Even getting cable and a cable hook up is not an option. So, now we wait.

I should have made this call before the NYWC and then could have had it set up shortly after we got back. But, I didn't. So now we have to wait until next Wed. to get a home phone set up. But the real wait is in the dsl set up, that wouldn't happen until the 18th. I'm pretty sure we can get by until then. I am excited about being able to blog from home again. Plus post more pics and faster.

thanks Verizon for making my dreams come true :)

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