Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas party and caroling

The Christmas Party went well. We played a game of "human knot" to decide the order of the White Elephant Exchange circle. But for fun I change a few rules. One of the boys said he didn't like the game, so for fun I had him not be able to speak and another boy close his eyes. It was interesting to watch them try to untangle themselves. The one who couldn't speak kept trying to tell people suggestions with just grunts and kicking his foot. The one who couldn't see just kept asking "who's arm is that" or "i need to do what, I can't even see". They never did get completely untangled.

The WEG exchange went well. I ended up with a little kids Pooh backpack. A few of my favorites:

1. A Casey's top 40 record from 1983 (brought by one of the sponsors who used to be a dj)
2. a plethora of relay for life material (buttons, stickers, cups)
3. 101 things you need to know book
4. used sippy cup
5. girl scout cookies and hot chocolate
6. different girl scout cookies and hot chocolate
7. a dance instruction vhs tape

We played the gift unwrap game and it was pretty intense. I am actually amazed that no one got hurt. I mean dice were flying and presents were being tossed.

My favorite part was the ice cube guess. Since it was jr. highers, I opted for a few different liquids. This time we used: California French dressing (doesn't freeze too well), worchestershire sauce (more on this in a bit), lemonade, lime and garlic salsa (I didn't even bother putting it in a blender or anything), manderin orange juice, cultured reduced fat buttermilk (by this time it was probably expired), and mtn lightning

I told them that if someone ate the entire #2 ice cube, before they knew what it was, that I would let them have an entire pizza. One of the boys ate it. He said it wasn't too bad. Man it was really disgusting to watch him. So he went home with an entire pizza - I don't think it was worth it.

It was a good night. Lots of fun memories and moments that will be talked about for years to come.

The caroling:
We took the high school out last night to go caroling. Did not have a huge turn out, but it went great. I think having a smaller crowd probably worked out better. It is a little overwhelming to have over 20 people show up at your door. One of the adults kept messing up one of the lines of one song, so each time we got to this point everyone hesitated to see what he would say. And they all enjoyed the fact that I did something (like tap my foot or bounce up) when we sang "We wish you a merry Christmas".

I don't think the caroling was for the group anyway. It was really for the people we went to. A few people got tears and the others were thankful.

Though I am waiting for that one person to say "no" when you ask if we can sing.

A good weekend back home.


  1. Mike, if you came to my door and asked to sing, I might say "no" :-)

  2. I hope you might. If it was just me, I would promise not to sing more than a song.

    Amazingly enough, when I asked one of the adult leaders if anyone had ever said "no" he said he didn't think so, but if they did the group just sany anyway :)