Thursday, December 07, 2006

the first "snow"

yep, that's all it was.

But it is really cold. And my boys loved it. The dogs were not too fond of it.

Funny story: My oldest, Nathan, has been really excited to see a snowplow. I don't know why or what brought the idea on, but he is. So today when he saw the snow, he kept talking about how the snowplow would come and push our snow off the deck into the bushes. We had to try to explain to him that it wasn't going to come into our yard and that there had to be more snow on the ground. He was okay with it. Then on my way to work, I saw it. A snowplow coming down the highway. It was clearing off the sides of the roads and dropping salt to keep anything from freezing (only going to be in the 20's today). So I had to call and tell Nathan that there was a snowplow.

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