Saturday, December 16, 2006

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What a week.

For anyone who was praying for our trip, thanks. On Tuesday we packed up and left at 6:30 am for GA. We got there around 7pm (lost an hour with time change). It was really good to be back in GA with friends. Had a chance to talk with the family we were staying with and relax a bit from the 11 1/2 hour trip. Wed. turned out to be a rather busy day. Had lunch with friends, went looking for something while the boys slept, viewing in the evening, stopped by the youth group for a few minutes.

The viewing was tough for a few reasons. First and foremost - it was a viewing for a close friend (adopted family) of ours. Second, ran into a few people from last church that we have different relationship with now. Some were part of the "reason" we were asked to leave. Honestly, its not the fact that we were asked to leave that bothers us about certain people; its the character (or lack of) that was shown in things that were said and done around the whole incident. Third, we were there for a while (talking with people and the family) and it was dinner time for the boys, so they started getting cranky.

It was great to see some of the youth for a bit. Some have changed a lot in 6 months. Others haven't really done much change at all. I was reminded of the need I have to (not really need as much as desire) keep the individuals in prayer and not just "wonder" how they are doing. God placed them in our path and we can't just forget them when we leave a ministry.

Thursday was the funeral. It was hard. At the viewing I could tell a physical change in Ron. He didn't look like the same man I saw 6 months ago. Thankfully, I found out from talking to people, he wasn't the same man spiritually either. He had grown closer to God the last few months and was really starting to live out his faith in God. I wish I could have been around to witness this change :(

At the funeral, they played three "worship songs" and that was pretty special. Songs that made me tear up when I thought of them in regards to Ron's life. It was just really really good to be there.

Had lunch at Zaxby's (i highly recommend this anytime you get the chance) with friends. Talked about family and (as always) the congregation we left. Thursday evening we got to spend time with a small group of our friends and catch up. It was a great reminder that even though we have moved and become a part of a new congregation we don't have to leave all friendships or feelings behind.

Yesterday was a long day. Got up and spent time with the family before they went to work. Then we got to see one more person before we left. Got going around 10. Didn't get home til 11:30 or so. With time change that would be about 14 hours or so of travel time. Man we were tired. Plus when we got back we found out that our furnace was broken - so it was 58 in our house.

We did get our DSL hooked up while we were gone - about a week earlier than thought. But our Mac OS is not new enough, so I had to order Tiger today and install it and then finish installing the DSL. Then we're online at home.

There are a lot more thoughts and feelings floating around my head. I'll post more later.

one last question, I am still thinking through (even though the situation is over): how would Christ want me to respond and interact with the people who fired me (and ultimately lied to my face and many others)?

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