Friday, December 08, 2006

cold weather, cookies & dinner

Yesterday was the day my wife and some of the young ladies delivered the cookies that they made on Tuesday. What a great day it was - something like 20 degrees. Let's just say they were walking fast :)

I felt a little bad, because I got to stay home and watch the boys inside our nice warm house. But that feeling only lasted a short time.

After they delivered they came back and had some hot chocolate. The young ladies got a chance to play with our boys, which the boys just loved. When I was about to start dinner, my wife asked them if they wanted to stay and eat with us. Two of them did and it was a good time. We had a full table and even had to pull the table away from the wall. (We usually keep it against the wall for room, since we don't need all 4 sides.) We had tacos - yummy. It turned out to be a great chance to get to know the two girls a little better and build relationships.

One of the girls needed a ride home, so I got a ride to the elders meeting so my wife could take her home. Apparently after I left both of the girls told my wife thank you so much for having them over. Not just for dinner, but for taking an interest in them outside of church. They said it has been a long time since someone has done that for the youth.

Our passion is the youth and we love spending time with them. It was encouraging to hear that the youth already know we care. But what was even more encouraging, from my husband/youth minister POV, was to be able to watch my wife/youth coach doing what she loves to do and showing the young ladies in our group that they are important and people care about them.

So, it has been a full week. But its been a great week of ministry and somehow I don't feel too drained.

I just have to share this: one of the young ladies called her parents to ask if she could stay for dinner. Well, they were not home so she left a message. This is her message (as close to verbatim as I can remember) "Mom and dad this is ________. I'm over at Mike and Amy's house and they invited us to stay for dinner. I would like to stay. If that is okay don't call me back."

gotta love high schoolers

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