Friday, September 05, 2008

10 Ways to Appreciate Youth Workers

Tomorrow (9/6/08) is Youth Worker Appreciation Day (thanks YS). I thought I would share a few thoughts on how you might appreciate that special youth worker. Trust me, you are not going to find a "YWAD" card at Hallmark, so try one of these methods...

10 Ways to Appreciate Youth Workers:

  1. Write a note/card/letter sharing what they have meant to you or your family
  2. Make a video montage of all the "good times" you have shared in the youth ministry
  3. Write a song about them and make a music video of it
  4. Pray for them (and ask for anything specific that you can pray about)
  5. Tell them "thank you" at least 25 times over the next year...and mean it
  6. Babysit the children, so they can have a quiet/relaxing evening (or weekend)
  7. Buy them a CD/DVD/Book (one they will enjoy, of course)
  8. Take them out to eat, and let them pick the restaurant (not pizza)
  9. Be a cheerleader for the youth ministry (this means talk positively about it)
  10. Hold a Youth Room/Youth Ministry "shower" (kinda like a baby shower, but without the silly games) to provide resources that are needed
and a bonus #11. Give them a $100 Southwest gift card to get away on vacation. The one I found and posted about was found at Wal-Mart.

What have you done to appreciate your favorite youth worker? What has someone done to show you appreciation? Let's hear from you...


  1. 12. Comment on their blogs.


  2. Thanks @doug. I do feel more appreciated now. :)