Monday, September 15, 2008

YM Resource:

Recently, thanks to some twitter friends and tweetdeck, I have been exposed to a new little website called 12seconds. is like twitter, in video form. As in, you only have a small amount of space (12 seconds, duh) in which to express a thought or idea. You really only have enough time to focus on one topic. You can also respond to other people's videos with your own video response.

As a youth worker, I think 12 seconds has many possibilities for use within youth ministry. Keep in mind (and I am well aware of this fact) that the video quality is not going to be HD quality when you make these videos. But I think the amount of time it will take you to use this resource will outweigh that slight negative.

10 Ways to use in youth ministry:

1. Quick announcements
2. Daily/weekly devo
3. Goofy videos of the students
4. Student of the week - maybe they can give their acceptance speech (make sure to spread the love and get everyone on video)
5. Ask the youth worker - answer the students questions on a regular basis
6. Ask the student - you ask a question you want answered
7. Event/Class Teaser - Promote an upcoming event with a short teaser about what they can expect (maybe even "cut yourself off" at the end right when you were going to reveal the big secret)
8. Meet the youth coaches - have the youth coaches (other adults who help) share a little about themselves
9. Recap of last lesson/message - you would be forced to really narrow down your focus, because you only have 12 seconds
10. Tip of the week - it could be a parent tip, youth worker tip, teenager tip or a tip for any other group you can think of (ie. 1 tip on how to contact a student during the week - for the youth coaches)

There are lots of other ways you could use in your youth ministry. I'd love to hear what you think. Leave a comment with your thoughts. Or better yet, make a 12 second video with your thoughts (just put the link to the video or your profile in the comments so we can see the video). is free, but you have to be invited. If you want an invite just email me or leave a comment with your email address and I will send you an invite.

Here is an example of a quick video I did with my kids.

hi everybody on

Here is a 12second video of the 10 ways to use in youth ministry

10 Ways to Use in youth ministry on


  1. Thanks for doing all my thinking for me. I wanted to sit down and think about how to use 12 seconds and you really covered it. I really like the recap idea and using it to give the parents an idea of what you are teaching each week.

  2. @ben anytime I can do your thinking for you, just let me know. :) I think the recap idea would be good too if you had a blog for the group, then you could post the video in your recap post (or something like that)

  3. Hey Mike,
    can I get an invite?

  4. @Jasper, I sent you an invite.