Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Discussion Starter: How much is virginity worth?

I saw this article about a girl auctioning off her virginity over on The Source 4 YM's blog. I'm still not sure what to say about this whole situation. Obviously, it makes me sad. Sad for this young woman and sad for any "man" who would be a part of this auction. It just shows that they have a strong lack of respect for women.

I think that this story can be a powerful discussion starter with your students. Here are a few thoughts on what topics you could use this story with...

- sex
- self worth
- virginity
- morals
- appropriate behavior
- greed
- college
- growing up
- decision making
- love
- value

In the end, I hope this young lady finds the love of God and learns that she doesn't have to sell her virginity to anyone.

You can also check out Marko's thoughts.

(gracias a Jonathan)

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