Friday, September 12, 2008

Photo Friday: Obama Children's Book Covers

While looking for a book for my son, I came across these two books sitting on the shelf next to each other. They do not seem to have anything in common. But, as I looked closer I saw one similarity. Doesn't that middle kid in the "Worst Case Scenario" book look a little like Obama? Compare the smile if you have doubts.

That weird similarity was not the only reason I took the picture. I find it strange that there is a biography of Obama written for young adults. You know that part of the America public that will not be able to vote for at least 6 years. Its strange to me.


  1. warning: the following comment is coming from an obama supporter.

    that's because obama cares less about "getting votes" than your average politician.

  2. @adam lehman thanks for stopping by. I am not trying to support or oppose Obama with this post. I just think it is interesting. When I was that age, I had absolutely zero interest in reading a biography - I was a little more focused on comic books. I would be interested in finding a kid who has read the book.