Monday, September 08, 2008

The Office: Season 4 DVD & More

Yesterday, I was with my family in a nearby town (an hour away). We had driven over to see a friend preach. He did awesome, by the way (more on the service later). While we were there, we went ahead and did some shopping.

The Office: Season 4 DVD came out last Tuesday (meaning Sunday was day 6 of it being on the store shelves). A few stores had limited editions or special editions you could get if you were fast enough. Even the online side of things was running out of the special editions before the release day on Tuesday. And I kept reading online how people tried going to "X" number of stores and still did not go home with the one they wanted. So, while we were shopping for other stuff, I thought I would look and see what was left.

At Target, there were only 2 copies of the Ultimate Package (seasons 1-4) left. The shelves were bare where the regular season 4 was supposed to go and where their limited edition was. So, Target was typical of what I had been hearing.

At Best Buy, it started to look the same way. I looked on their new releases shelf and not a sign of The Office anywhere. I had resolved myself to not finding a single copy when I spotted the floor display. That had to be a good sign, right? When I got to the display one side was completely empty, so I walked around. On this side of the display there were a handful of the regular season 4 packages and 4 copies of their "Fun Run Kit" special editions. I was floored. I'm not sure if that means there are not that many Office fans in the area or there are not as many fans willing to pay for the extra bonus items.

With the season 4 DVD on the shelf (either store or home), that means one thing - season 5 starts soon. September 25th is the premiere: its called Weight Loss.

Should be an interesting season. :)

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