Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Third Day on the third day: Third Day live

(that sure is a lot of "third days" in that title)

Over at Third Day's blog, there is a little "contest" going on. So, I thought I would write about my favorite live experience.

I have two shows I remember very clearly (out of the many I've been to).

The funnest show was an outdoor show I went to in Atlanta back in '02 (I believe). Sitting on the grass, enjoying the weather and listening to Third Day was awesome. They also played my favorite song: Thief. Though they skipped a verse. :) Which was just hilarious. Ah, good times.

My favorite show was April 23, 2004 in Augusta, GA. This was the Live Wire Tour. The show was awesome and the band sounded great. But my favorite part was that it was just 2 days before my first son was born. And he "loved" the show, too. The entire concert, my wife kept saying he was moving around and "dancing". This is also the day we started sponsoring a child from World Vision (Beza).

Other show highlights:
The state fair show was fun, in the rain.
Then there was the Come Together & Worship Tour - that was awesome.

What is your favorite band to see live? Or better yet, do you have any funny stories about taking a group to a concert? (Come on, somebody has probably left a kid at the venue)

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