Thursday, September 25, 2008

5 Lessons from The Office: Weight Loss

Thursday, Sept. 25, was the premiere of season 5 of The Office. They kicked off the season with an hour-long episode entitled "Weight Loss" You can watch it here or here

Here are 5 lessons from Weight Loss:
1. Being the new "guy" at work can be tough. (but funny...)
2. Sometimes going the extra mile to show someone you care about them makes a big difference.
3. When you love someone, you will do some crazy things.
4. People work harder at something when they desire to do it and are not "forced" to participate.
5. Discussing certain topics (homosexuality or mental illness) with people you just met can lead to awkwardness.

Some things I didn't expect:
1. The "Fat Elvis" picture Michael put up on the wall for "Body Image Celebration"
2. Was Angela really starting to like Andy?
3. Jim proposing at the gas station.
4. Ryan back in the office, as a temp.

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